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Chaim Loeb, CEO and Founder

Hello, I’m Chaim Loeb. I now have a company called Fit Yid but before that came about, I am the youngest of 7 total kids, 5 girls 2 boys. 

At a very young age I am told, athletics became my game/toy of choice. I am told I didn't play much with regular toys rather I always had a ball with me. To be honest, I don’t either remember playing with toys much. 

Sports was my #1 until I found fitness training. As I began training I discovered my love for it. It made me feel energized and alive. Don’t get me wrong I still love playing sports but strength and endurance training became another passion of mine. 

In my early 20’s I had a fall out with all things health, wondering if I was too extreme or it wasn't healthy being so into health. Due to not having the correct mindset around health I spiraled things out of control and went down a path of unhealthy habits such as partying, drinking, and eating supportively in excessive amounts. 

After a long while I decided enough is enough and had to make a change. That is when I decided to move across the country from NY to AZ being that I had two siblings living here. 

The very first thing on the agenda was to get my health back. My brother and I started to workout together each morning at 6 am. My sister who lives here was a personal trainer at the time and had a small studio we used. 

As I built back up my health which was not just working out but included...sleeping enough, reading the right books, eating supportive foods, and keeping myself hydrated I started to feel like myself again and become aware of what living intentionally can do for someone. Especially living intentionally through their health. 

This is when I decided Fit Yid Academy needed to be built. From there I studied to become certified in fitness training and nutrition coaching which is something in and of itself. School and studying were something that I struggled with tremendously. 

For now, Fit Yid is on its journey and mission to guide and provide the opportunity for Jewish people to live their healthiest life.
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