What is the Fit Yid Academy?

Fit Yid Academy offers personalized coaching to Jewish men who want to achieve fitness/health goals and learn how to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle. FYA takes a multi angle method to a health journey. 
We have a "foundation" program that we offer to those coming in. In this program you will start achieving your fitness and health goals,  members will develop their mindset, and build the needed habits and tools, along with the knowledge to set a great foundation for long term success using our 6x6 method. 

Who is FYA for?

If you are a drven Jewish man who is looking to feel energized, have a healthy mind and body, meet fitness goals, develop your mindset, and is coachable, , Fit Yid Academy is for you! A person who is up for the challenge to live a healthy lifestyle while living the busy and fulfilling lifestyle of an observant Jewish man, and is looking to invest in themselves in order to make a greater impact on their lives and those around them, Fit Yid Academy is here to guide you.

Who is FYA not for?

Those who are not ready to be coached. Who want to continue doing what has "worked" for them in the past. Someone who does not see the value in prioritizing their health. They are not ready to stop making excuses and take responsibility.


The academy functions as a supportive and positive community. Having a coach means there someone (along with our community) in your corner. Being held accountable for your health decisions will help you finally take the actions you want and need to take.


Your mindset will be the most valuable thing you develop. We will help you develop 7 core mindsets so you are no longer living in a reactionary state. Creating a health mindset will aid in the development of our strategies and habits, facilitating lasting growth.


There are no good foods or bad foods. There are foods that support your goals and foods that do not right now. The Fit Yid nutrition method focuses on foods that will help you reach your goals. It is not about eating less or eating more. It is about supporting your goals.


Each man coming into the academy will have their unique set of goals, schedule constraints, responsibilities and workout history. Therefore, your plan will be tailored to your individual circumstances to optimize your success. Fitness allows you to be more active with your family and friends. It will not only increase your energy level, it will help you live with intention. Committing to your fitness is committing to yourself and family.

Fit Yid Academy Launches Fit Yid Yoga

Are you Stiff? Do you lack Mobility?

"We will create a tailor-made program for YOUR body type, YOUR emotional and physical history, YOUR daily life demands, and YOUR desires for yourself".

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