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FYA coaches Jewish men to burn fat, keep it burnt, and live with energy.

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FYA coaches Jewish men to burn fat, keep it burnt, and live with energy. 

The process and journey of creating a sustainable change in your lifestyle, through fitness, nutrition, habit building, and mindset shifting. 

Live with intention.

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Nutrition & Fitness

 Access to our exclusive software having custom workouts, personal nutrition guidance and more!


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Mindset and habit coaching, along with access to our membership site and weekly calls in order to keep you transforming!


Community & Support

Expert accountability, a group of other men exactly where you are, and 1:1 support!
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Check out what our clients are saying!
Fit Yid Academy has helped me in many ways. I learned out to properly work out. I have realistic workout regimens in place which allows me to be consistent and have the muscle gains I want. The member community ROCKS!
Academy Member
I have seen gains I have never seen in my life before. I am getting strong and defined. I was so excited to see this. For me, this was only possible because of my consistent wins over the past few months.

Academy Member
I am grateful to be a part of this Academy! I feel it is very important that when you have a goal you surround yourself with others who are striving towards the same thing. By being in an environment that encourages you to achieve your goals, the motivation is much greater and the reward feels attainable.

Academy Member
"It is selfish but at the same time it is totally not selfish"
Yossi W.
"i was already setting myself up with fear, failure, and an already negative and unstable mindset so i quickly shifted that mindset to....."
Michael Kosa

I get you, because  transformation is part of my story too...

As an Online Coach, I coach Jewish men to create SUSTAINABLE change in their health and fitness.  I want you to see that health goes well beyond lifting weights. I too am on my lifelong journey to develop and sharpen my mindset and physical abilities.

“Live With Intention” 

Head Coach and CEO, Chaim Loeb

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