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I coach driven Jewish men to become wildly confident they will prioritize their Health and Fitness sustainably...without it taking up all their time.

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Are you ready to level up your health?

It's a process and journey of building 6 core habits and developing 7 core mindsets during our foundation Program. 

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Get You're "Easy Shmeezy Supportive Meals" Recourse.

Are you finding it difficult to cook healthy meals? This recourse will take the confusion away. 
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The Fit Yid Academy


Nutrition & Fitness

 Access to our exclusive software having custom workouts, personal nutrition guidance geard to your goals, and more!


Mindset, Habit Building, & Education

Mindset and habit coaching, along with access to our membership site to develop what is needed for next level results.


Community, Support, & Coaching

A group of other Jewish men exactly where you are, high level accountability, and 1:1 coaching through your journey!
...but does it work?
Check out what our clients are saying!
Fit Yid Academy has helped me in many ways. I learned out to properly work out. I have realistic workout regimens in place which allows me to be consistent and have the muscle gains I want. The member community ROCKS!
Academy Member
I have seen gains I have never seen in my life before. I am getting strong and defined. I was so excited to see this. For me, this was only possible because of my consistent wins over the past few months.

Academy Member
I am grateful to be a part of this Academy! I feel it is very important that when you have a goal you surround yourself with others who are striving towards the same thing. By being in an environment that encourages you to achieve your goals, the motivation is much greater and the reward feels attainable.

Academy Member
"It is selfish but at the same time it is totally not selfish"
Yossi W.
"Investing in my health paid off big time the last few months 💪🏼. If you are a busy Jewish man, this program is custom tailored to the realities and challenges of a traditional Jewish lifestyle. Holidays, shabbos, kiddish, simchas… it’s all part of the process

#FitYid you’ve got nothing to lose… oh actually… yes u do! 😉"
Azi Rosenblum

We coach driven Jewish men to be healthy NOW and for the FUTURE, so they can feel stronger, and more energized while living the busy and fulfilling lifestyle of an observant Jewish man.

“Live With Intention” 

Head Coach and CEO, Chaim Loeb

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